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Recent prototype headsets offer great promise for narrative experience but can they also support the social side of entertainment?  Most entertainment–from gaming to films–is a shared experience physically as well as across social media.


When Illinois news anchor Dave Benton made a major on-air announcement recently, it was reportage at its most personal: Benton, 51, revealed that his doctors had told him that he has just four to six months left to live — the latest, most heartbreaking chapter in what has been an ongoing report about his yearlong battle with brain cancer. Benton, who has been with Champaign’s WCIA-3 news team for almost nine years, completed radiation treatment in February, but a new tumor grew back.  “We’ve got some serious stuff to discuss, and we are an open book, and we wanted to let you guys in on something that we’ve known for a while,” Benton’s co-anchor Jennifer Roscoe told viewers at the end of their nightly newscast on Thursday. Related: Layoff Letter to Woman With Cancer Causes Outcry “Basically my cancer is back and it’s too big for surgery and radiation,” Benton said, his voice shaky in an attempt to contain his emotion. “Doctors have told me that I may have four to six months to live.” He added that he’ll be trying a new antibody chemotherapy treatment to help slow the tumor’s growth.

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Media can provide a powerful platform for modeling course in the face of adversity.  Dave Benton and other like him help people overcome the stigma of illness and encourage a sense of empowerment rather than give in to victimhood.  Positive emotions can play a significant part in the recovery and the trajectory of illness and, in cases like these, who is to say that Benton is destined to the course doctors predict given the amount of positive energy, love and prayers coming his way.

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The emergence of Netflix & Amazon Prime over web series argues that the value proposition for consumers is on control first–the  ‘delivery on demand’ rather than the raw, quirkiness of indy productions.  Now the face-off moves to content.  But can high budget productions keep up with demand for content?  Raises the bar for web series, certainly, and eliminates the novelty effect for early adopters, but good content is good content.  I see adaptation not demise.  

Their subject is an urban world from above, captured for thousands of social media followers.

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The line is has been blurry between art and life for some time.  What has changed is that we (all of us!) can now more readily and artistically capture life. New dimensions to defining art.  Is it the intention of the creator or the perception of the audience?

In a world obsessed with social media, the #selfie has become a teen’s online identity.

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Selfies are redefining not just portraiture but event documentation.  No more autographs or or empty vacation shots of a monument.  Selfies are authentic, immediate and personal.  We have always taken photographs to document, share and remember life’s events.  Flip lens, smartphones enable a new fluidity and personalization.  You can choose if you share with a few or many.  And like any visual image–they deliver more ‘information’ than text because they include physical cues and context to the main message.  

Apps like Yik Yak, which has sparked mass cyberbullying incidents from coast to coast, give new urgency to cyber civics

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Brilliant coverage of Cyberwise’s CyberCivics approach to preparing kids for navigating the digital world.  Highlights Diana Graber, co-founder with Cynthia Lieberman, of Cyberwise, both are FGU #mediapsychology alums (and friends & colleagues).  Great work and much deserved attention!

People crave lists and simplification of data — Kasem tapped into that with his wildly popular AT40.

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OMG, the word  ‘psychology’ made it into the headline.  I’m so happy!  Nothing like being an evangelist for an under-appreciated field #mediapsychology.