Jay Bushman: 3 keys to making a successful web series

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

Dr. Pamela Rutledge‘s insight:

Bushman’s 3 keys is a great article because there is compelling psychology underlying all of them.  My favorite of Bushman’s three keys are 2 and 3.  Key 2 is setting and keeping expectations.  However innovative your project, he speaks to the importance of creating rhythms and patterns so the audience can develop expectations.  From a neuro-cognitive perspective, the brain seeks patterns and derives pleasure and comfort from finding a structure and therefore can anticipate with pleasure new developments rather than feel frustrated.  In Key 3, Bushman says trust your team.  We often see articles about how you can’t control your audience, but few about the same for the internal team.  Controlling people takes a lot of effort and at the end, nobody’s happy.  Key 3 indicates how well Bushman has inspired his people and established team purpose and affiliation so that they can further the project with autonomy, increasing, no doubt, their own emotional investment it the characters and the project’s success.  I would argue that right after having a good story comes having a good leader to achieve success.

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