When thigh gaps attack: Target’s Photoshop fail goes viral – TODAY.com

Posted: March 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Attack of the thigh gap! Yesterday, an observant blogger called out some pretty egregious Photoshop shenanigans on Target’s website; we…

Dr. Pamela Rutledge‘s insight:

Even if the overzealous Photoshopping in this particular image was an error, it shows that Photoshopping was very likely being used in all these images, reducing and smoothing the thigh lines.  The irony is that these are young women who are already on the long tail of the bell curve in good looks or they wouldn’t be swimsuit models.. and the art director is ‘fixing’ them.  I get that Target (and any merchandiser) wants to show their clothes on attractive, fit people.  We all aspire to be attractive and fit.  But this exposes an SOP that needs to be addressed.  A couple of somebodies here weren’t doing their job somewhere in Target.  One somebody should have caught what is clearly an error and another somebody should be addressing a more socially responsible way of presenting the human body.  If they’re tidying up women, you can bet they’re tidying up men, too.  The directive to ‘get real’ needs to come from the top.  It’s time to respect the customer, inspire them, yes, but not make them aspire to the unachievable where  they cannot help but fail. 

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