Forget the fakery! Teens tell us they’re not cool with Photoshop –

Posted: February 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

They say comparison is the thief of joy, and there is maybe no place this is truer than inside the minds of teenage girls. The TODAY/AOL…

Dr. Pamela Rutledge‘s insight:

A few years ago, I ran an exploratory (unpublished) study looking at Photoshopping Facebook profile pictures, which were the OMG du jour. An interesting fall-out was the indication that girls who felt competent using technology had better self-image.  (Not the goal of the survey, but sort of interesting never-the-less).  The other things that emerged were that 1) young women compared themselves to their peers much more than to celebrities, 2) the intention of Photoshopping was along the lines of ‘putting your best foot forward’ as my grandmother used to say, not being someone you weren’t and 3) when this was presented at APA back in 2010, the audience members didn’t seem to equate having their yearbook pics ‘touched up’ back in the day with the ability to Photoshop a Facebook profile pic.  How quickly we forget the urge to cover-up that stray hair or unwanted blemish in our youth.

On a separate note, it turns out that ‘almost half’ of the TODAY/AOL Body Image data is actually 39% of teens that ‘feel dissatisfied after seeing celebs’ (Since when did 39% = almost half?) Combining either ‘feel satisfied’ or ‘are motivated to be healthier’ gives you 58%.  If you add in the “I don’t compare”  you’ve got 63% of teen girls having a positive or neutral reaction, unless you consider ‘motivated to be healthier’ as a negative.  I know that’s not the grabber headline, but it does say something about the switch in impact.  Think about how many pictures of ‘real women’ are on the Internet now, compared to the number of those of Kate Moss or an airbrushed Jessica Alba.  Yay selfies.  Consider also how we’re primed to look for the negative in this issue.  🙂  

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