From ‘Oliver Twist’ to ‘Game of Thrones’: Six serials and how they’ve deepened the art of storytelling

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dr. Pamela Rutledge‘s insight:

Great article by Frank Rose. Of particular interest to me was the underground map showing the linkages between the various areas of storytelling.  First, I’m always interested in how stories translate into visual representation.  Second, when you look at different ‘stops on the lines’ you can see how quickly the world is becoming transmedia, to the point of making that term redundant or perhaps equivalent to a ‘coordinated and creative use of media tools to craft and extend a story.’  We might more accurately the underground stops hubs and nodes given the interretlationships among platforms and the increasingly blurry boundaries that aren’t shown.  However the subway/underground metaphor more clearly allows content to ride a type of media.  Yet Mad Men, for example, really intersects other lines because , among other things, of fan co-creation.  The map itself raises interesting questions, such as where do you define ‘real world’?  Is that a marker of the story’s origins or where it is experienced?  But any visual metaphor or article that gets you asking good questions is effective in my book.  And Frank is always good at that.

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