New Social Content Discovery Tool: Hopflow

Posted: December 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Giuseppe Mauriello: Hopflow is web and iOS social content discovery app which seeks to connect users with a stream of content based on their personal interests. It is similar to other services like Prismatic and Trapit.


From reviewed article by The Next Web:

“Hopflow lets users Discover and share content through following specific topics rather than individual sources, and based on these interests, a personalized flow of stories from around the Web is reeled in.


You’ll need to sign up with your Twitter or Facebook credentials.

Hopflow scanned my Twitter history and, quite accurately, told me all the subjects I am indeed interested in.


You can, of course, manually select and deselect options as you see fit, and once you click ‘Done’, you’ll have a long stream of news stories based around your topics of interest. It’s like Twitter, except you follow topics rather than accounts, and this comparison is given further credence with the ‘Rehop’ feature which lets you share your news with others.


“The social Web is full of content platforms that force people to manually follow and filter through sources and information,” says Erez Pilosof, CEO and Founder of Hopflow. ” In this contextual age, people want tools that are simple and provide targeted information. We believe that discovering and sharing stories about the things that interest you shouldn’t be tedious and time consuming but rather fun and easy. Hopflow eliminates unwanted noise and allows users to sit back and enjoy a beautiful image-based ‘flow’ of relevant content outside of their current social networks.”


Read full article here:


Try out it:


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